Early Adventures Programs

Early Adventures Programs

Interested in scheduling one of our Early Aventures programs for a large group or daycare? Contact Community Engagement Coordinator Celia Galens at 803.252.1770 x 26 or cgalens@historiccolumbia.org to learn more or to plan a time for your group to visit! Each group program costs $6 per child and includes a story, specialty crafts and games. Programs are designed for ages 3-5 and last approximately one hour. If you are interested in programs for older children, please see our Education page or contact Celia Galens.

Seasonally available Early Adventures Programs

Spring & Summer | Garden Gnomes

Explore your greenthumb and learn about kitchen gardens of Columbia’s past! Plant your very own plant to take home and explore Historic Columbia's gardens through games and play!

October | Pumpkin Patch

Scarecrows have returned to the gardens of the Robert Mills House! Pick out a pumpkin in the gardens to decorate, then learn about what pumpkins were used for in the past, from their tasty seeds to creepy jack-o-lanterns.

December | Old Fashioned Victorian Christmas

Enter the world of Charles Dickens and his famous A Christmas Carol as we learn about Victorian Christmas traditions! Make an ornament, sing some carols, and listen to a story, just like Victorian children traditionally did on Christmas Eve during the late 19th Century.

February | Victorian Valentine's

In honor of Valentine's Day, visit Historic Columbia to learn about what a Victorian Valentine's Day looked like. Kids will learn how Valentine's was celebrated at its height during the Victorian Era through a variety of crafts and games. 

March | St. Patrick’s Day in Historic Columbia

During the 19th century, immigrants came from all over the world to live in Columbia. Learn about the traditions of St. Patrick's Day, which Irish immigrants brought to South Carolina.

Spring | Eggstrordinary Fun

Get ready for an Eggstrodinary history adventure at the Robert Mills House Garden. Create your own basket and hop through the garden to find some eggs!

Available by Request Starting Fall 2016

Dirt Diggers

How do we know what happened in a certain spot 100 years ago? The answer is archaeology! Come to Historic Columbia to learn about all the scientific, historical and dirty parts of archaeology—after all, how can you learn about archaeology without getting a little dirty?

Day in the Life of the 19th-Century Child

Experience the 19th Century—before tablets and television. How did kids entertain themselves? What were their daily lives like? Learn about what it was like before electricity and other modern conveniences!