Homeschool Program

All homeschool students are invited to participate in Historic Columbia’s Homeschool Friday programs on the first Friday of the month. Each month’s program is from 10 - 11:30 am and includes hands-on activities while students learn and explore different themes and historic sites at Historic Columbia. Homeschool Friday programs are designed for students of elementary and middle school age levels.

Homeschool Friday is open to families and homeschool groups of less than 10 students. For larger groups, we recommend arranging a separate visit to explore that month's topic. Program participants should gather in the Gift Shop at Robert Mills on the day of the program unless otherwise noted.

The cost is per student, with an accompanying adult free. Homeschool Fridays are $5 for HC members, $6 for non-members and $8 for both members and non-members at the door.

For reservations, questions or if you would like to register for the entire year of Homeschool Friday programs, please contact Celia Galens, Engagement Coordinator, at or 803.252.1770 x 26.

2015-2016 Homeschool Friday Programs

September 4 | Slaves, Abolitionists and Entrepreneurs: The Lives of African Americans Before the Civil War

Join us in celebrating African American heritage during the month of Jubilee! From the voices of slave children in South Carolina to the experiences of local freedmen Celia Mann and Ben Delane and famous freedman Frederick Douglass, learn about what it meant to be a slave, an abolitionist and an entrepreneur before the Civil War.

October 2 | Immigration to South Carolina

You’ve just arrived in America…what brought you here? What’s next? Learn about what many of your ancestors experienced when they arrived at Ellis Island or in South Carolina for the first time. What obstacles did your ancestors have to overcome to achieve their American dream?

November 6 | Beyond Thanksgiving: A Look at Native American Heritage and Culture

Learn about the many groups of Native Americans who call the United States home. From the Cherokee in South Carolina to the Navajo in the southwest to the Iroquois in New York, we’ll explore and celebrate Native American heritage and culture through stories, games and crafts. 

December 4 | A Very Scary Victorian Christmas

Celebrate Christmas this year, Victorian-style. Visit HC's decorated historic house museums for the holidays, create Victorian decorations for your own home, and enjoy a traditional Victorian Christmas tale—a ghost story!

February 5 | The Harlem Renaissance and South Carolina

Celebrate Black History Month with Historic Columbia through the music, art and poetry of the Harlem Renaissance. Dance to Dizzy Gillespie or even create a painting like William H. Johnson to learn about the Harlem Renaissance artists who once called South Carolina home.

March 4 | South Carolina Women in History

As Laurel Thatcher Ulrich said, “well-behaved women seldom make history.” In honor of Women’s History Month, learn about the women in South Carolina who were willing to risk it all to make a difference in the world, from Eliza Lucas Pinckney to Modjeska Monteith Simkins.

April 1 | Reconstruction and the 14th Amendment in Columbia

In celebration of the 150th anniversary of the 14th amendment, visit the Woodrow Wilson Family Home to learn about Reconstruction and the ratification of this important amendment in Columbia. We’ll also explore why South Carolina was one of the last states to ratify the amendment and guarantee equal protection to all its citizens.

May 6 | Jewish History and Heritage in Columbia

Visit HC as we celebrate Jewish history and culture! Explore Columbia’s historic Jewish sites on our new tour developed through the Columbia Jewish Heritage Initiative, and learn about how the Jewish community has impacted our community.