Abandoned Cultural Property


In accordance with the S.C. Abandoned Cultural Property Act and unable to contact the original lenders, Historic Columbia Foundation herewith claims title to the following objects:

Blue & white platter (L14.125”, W10.75”). Square cut-glass plate (L7”, W7”). Circular cut-glass plate (H1.25”, D7.25”). Iron ruffle press (H9”, W9”). Six cut-glass punch cups (A:H2.4”, D2.9”, B:H2.2”, D2.5” C:H2.0”, D3.0” D:H2.25”, D2.9” E:H2.5”, D3.2 F:H2.5”, D3.2”). Copper pitcher (H5.75”, D3.75”).  Three cut-glass tumblers (H3.8”, D2.9”). Three cut-glass tumblers with floral design (H3.75”, D3”). Eight ceramic curtain tiebacks (H3.4”, D3.5”). Ceramic pitcher w/copper luster (H5.5”, D3.8”). Glass shade w/floral pattern (H4.25”, D7.25”). Two glass shades w/Greek Key pattern (H4.2”, D7.25”). Glass shade w/floral pattern & scalloped edges (H4.4”, D8.2”). White ironstone pitcher (H12.5” D8”). Glass shade w/cross & flower pattern (H4.5”, D7”). Glass shade w/grape pattern & scalloped edge (H4.5”, D3.3”). Four glass shades w/grape pattern & flat edges (H5.8”, D3.75). Cut-glass tumbler (H3.8”, D2.4”). Ceramic platter w/painted bird border (L13.75”, W11.2”). Ceramic platter w/bird border (L16”, W13”). Ceramic bowl w/painted girl holding a bird (L16”, W13”). Ceramic teacup w/painted girl holding a bird (H2.4”, D3.5”). Six fluted wine glasses w/ivy pattern (H8.5”, 3.35”). Eight fluted wine glasses w/floral pattern (H8”, 3.6”). Eight footed highball glasses w/floral pattern (H6.1”, D3.25”). Eight wine glasses w/floral pattern (H5.4”, D3.35”). Two glass shades w/scalloped edge & bow & floral pattern (H4.5”, D8.25”). Green vase w/sunflower design (H7.5”). Ceramic tureen w/lid & plate, white, maroon, & gold Greek Key pattern (H5”, L9”). Ceramic sugar bowl w/pink rose pattern & 2 handles (H4.5”, D3.8”). Ceramic creamer w/pink rose pattern (H2.8”, L5”). Orange decorative glass vase (H3.5”, W3.5”). Two brass ceiling plates for chandelier (D3.1”, L2.6”, W3.2”). Iron plaque of Woodrow Wilson profile (L5.5”, W4.5”). Serving set, brass with scalloped edge: spoon W1.5”, L6.0”, soup spoon W1.75”, L6.0”, straining spoon W2.0”, L5.75”, serving spoon W3.0”, L8.75”, small serving spoon W2.75” L7.75”, flat serving spoon W2.25”, L9.0”, serving fork W1.75”, L9.0”, stored in cloth wrap. Two ceramic vases with Asian print (H13.5”, D4.1”). Brass 3-font candelabra (W11.5”, H10.25”). Cut-glass pitcher with floral pattern & handle (H7.5”, D4.75”). Two cut-glass footed goblets (H6.25”, D3.5”). White ceramic ladle (L7.25”, W3”). Cut-glass shoe paperweight (L6”, W1.5”). Cut-glass top hat paperweight (H2.5”, W3.5”). Brass basket w/2 handles (H3.75”, D8”). Iron griddle w/two handles (L23.25”, W10.25”). Brass stand w/3 legs (D7”, H7.5”). Ceramic pin tray with floral painted design (L5.75”, W3.25”). Ironstone plate w/blue design (D9.8”). Ironstone platter w/purple edge & floral design (L13.3”, W10.3”). Brass & leather horse bit (L10”, W6”). Waffle iron (D5.5”, L16”). Glass shade with fleur de lis (H4.1”, D7.25”).

All of the items listed herein were deposited by unknown donors over ten years ago. If proof of claim is not presented in writing by the lender, his heirs, or assignees to the Foundation, and if the owner’s right to receive the property is not established to the Foundation’s satisfaction within 120 days from the date of this notice, the property is considered abandoned and becomes the property of Historic Columbia Foundation. Contact Fielding Freed, Historic Columbia, 1601 Richland St, Columbia, SC 29201, 803-252-1770 ext. 34; ffreed@historiccolumbia.org.