Annual Fund

This year’s Annual Fund will complement the rehabilitative work taking place at the Hampton-Preston Mansion & Gardens and will help restore the main entrance of the mansion to its early 19th-century look and feel. The project will include the addition of a wall-to-wall floor covering, which will give the entry hall a more period-appropriate look and feel.

Floor Cloth

In 2018, one of Columbia’s oldest buildings – the Hampton-Preston Mansion – will turn 200 years old. This bicentennial anniversary coincides with many improvements to the Richland County-owned property. The 1818 landmark structure will receive a new heating, ventilation and air conditioning system and major stucco repair. Enhancements to the site’s gardens will involve two-acres of new plantings, pathways, lighting and benches. New interior and exterior interpretative exhibits will offer guests unprecedented information about the property’s evolution from an urban estate to a museum site in 1970.

This 200th anniversary offers the rare opportunity to act on research findings made during the building’s initial rehabilitation in 1969, when then-director and curator William Seale discovered evidence of decorative finishes that originally graced the mansion’s formal hallway. Insufficient funding at that time prevented the room’s re-plastered interior walls from being scored and sand-painted to mimic ashlar, or cut stone, an effect that would have been consistent with the building’s early 19th-century construction and aesthetics. Additionally, wall-to-wall floor coverings, which most likely would have involved a painted floor cloth, could not be replicated and installed.

To date, we have received nearly $1 million dollars from Richland County for capital repairs; support from the Darnall W. and Susan F. Boyd Foundation to complete the entire Phase II of the Hampton-Preston Garden Rehabilitation with a cost of nearly $400,000; as well as $35,000 from the Richland County Conservation Commission and $8,000 from South Carolina Humanities to expand interpretive content and educational tools and $25,000 from Central Carolina Community Foundation’s Connected Communities grant to enhance public visitor amenities in the garden. In order to ensure that the site’s historical integrity is realized and this multi-phased effort complete, we need your support.

Please consider supporting the 2017-18 Annual Fund. Your gift will help us more realistically convey the period in which the estate functioned as one of the capital city's most renown antebellum residences. 

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