Pastor's Study on Main Street

A Sunday Stroll Through Main Street

Main Street in Columbia has lived a double life. Today, festivals, farmers markets, as well as retail and cultural arts institutions, make Main Street one of the city’s most vibrant districts. But what was Main Street like in the past? To answer that question, we need to look one block...


True Love at the Robert Mills House

By: Fielding Freed, Director of Historic House Museums

I was a newspaper photographer when I was a much younger man. During the late 1990s, as that field began to shrink, I went back to graduate school then on to work in the museum field. I’m still a shutterbug though, and I still shoot good old fashioned negative film...

Ma! My Toys Are Broken

Historic Holiday Playlist

To help you get ready for the holidays, Historic Columbia offers a series of #TipTuesdays to give you some ideas for holiday decorating and entertaining with a historic twist. To kick us off this week, we went diving through some archive collections to create a cool (if somewhat obscure) playlist...

moving panorama

Gifts from Historic Holidays

By: Kathryn Kaslow

Diving into the imagination, playing dress up, hosting skits and talent shows for parents and friends – children have been dreaming up different ways to play for hundreds of years. In 2018, it’s easy for a child to find entertainment. Conversely, because they did not have smartphones, video games, or...

Holiday Food

A History of Feasting in South Carolina’s Backcountry

With Thanksgiving behind us and the holidays on the horizon, late November is the time of year to celebrate family, friends, and (most importantly) good food. Every family has traditions of their own, some stricter than others, but what did a traditional meal look like 150 years ago in South...

Carillon Parade

A Holiday Parade to Remember

By: John Sherrer, Director of Cultural Resources

With the holiday season picking up pace, it seems a natural thing this time of year to recall people, places, and (in this case) parades that have shaped our memory of Holidays past. Much has been written about Main Street over the years—this corridor has hosted citizens who worked, lived,...

Jim Russell WWI Bugler

The 11th Hour, of the 11th Day, of the 11th Month

By: Fielding Freed, Director of Historic House Museums

And, oh my, we had to pass the wounded. And some of them were on stretchers going back to the dressing stations, and some of them were lying around, moaning and twitching. And the dead were all along the road. — Alvin York, United States Army, Medal of Honor Anniversaries...

Greg Pearce Family and Friends

HC Honors Councilman Greg Pearce at Annual Meeting

By: Robin Waites, Executive Director

Every October, Historic Columbia gathers its members, including staff and board, to review the accomplishments of the previous fiscal year and present future endeavors at their Annual Meeting. At this year’s meeting, which was held on Thursday, Oct. 25, the organization invited friends and coworkers to honor long-time Richland County...

Drew Park Swim Team

Park It: Columbia’s Green Spaces Reconstructed

By: Katharine Allen, Research & Archives Manager

If Forest Acres is a City Apart, then Columbia is a City of Parks. There’s Finlay Park in the heart of downtown, the Riverwalk along the Congaree, the tail-wagging Bark Park in NoMa, Riverbanks Zoo and the Botanical Garden, Carolina’s Horseshoe, and Main Street’s cute-as-a-button pocket park. Oh – and...

Lula Drake

Five Reasons Why a Demolition Delay Ordinance is Good for Columbia

As recently reported by The State , the Columbia Planning Department and City Council’s economic development subcommittee are considering a “demolition delay” ordinance, which would prevent rapid tear downs of historic, architectural or culturally significant buildings outside of currently protected districts. For more than 50 years, Historic Columbia has been...