Traveling Trunk Program

Traveling Trunk Program

Students engage with history through fun, educational activities led by Historic Columbia staff in our five traveling trunks. Trunks align with South Carolina state social studies standards for a variety of grade levels and topics. Check below to see which trunks best fit your classroom needs!

For local private schools & all schools in counties bordering Richland County, Traveling Trunks are $60 per trunk. Thanks to the generous support of BlueCross BlueShield of South Carolina, Traveling Trunks are offered at a 50% discount to all public schools in Lexington & Richland Counties. There is a mileage fee in addition to the $60 charge for all other schools in South Carolina. Additional discounts are available for teachers who are members of Historic Columbia and for Title 1 schools. 

For more information about scheduling Historic Columbia’s Traveling Trunks for your class, please email or call 803.252.1770 x 26.

Civil War

Social Studies Standards: 3-2.4, 3-2.5, 3-4.1, 3-4.5, 3-4.6

This trunk, designed for 3rd grade students, focuses on education & games children played during the time of the Civil War. Children may take part in a quill and ink writing activity; look through a stereoscope; and play games like jacks, marbles, Hoop and Stick, Graces and more!


Social Studies Standards: 4-6.5  |  5-1.1, 5-1.2, 5-1.3, 5-1.4  |  8-4.1, 8-4.2, 8-4.5

This trunk, designed for 5th grade and middle-school students, focuses on Columbia during Reconstruction. Students take part in activities where they experience how inflation during the Civil War affected life in the country, what type of decisions newly emancipated people faced, how Columbia was rebuilt and how the end of Reconstruction affected life in South Carolina. 

World War II

Social Studies Standards: 5-4.3, 5-4.4, 5-4.5, 5-4.6, 5-4.7, 5.5.1, 5-5.2  |  USHC-8.3

This trunk, designed for both 5th grade & high school students, focuses on the home front during World War II.  Using primary sources such as posters, ration books, images and cartoons, students will consider how the lives of South Carolinians were affected by the war. They will also identify World War II aircrafts, as civilian airplane spotters in Columbia would have done at the time.

Civil Rights

Social Studies Standards: 3-5.1, 3-5.2, 3-5.4, 3-5.5  |  5-4.1, 5-4.7, 5-5.3  |  8-6.3, 8-7.2

This trunk, designed for third, fifth, and eighth grade students, focuses on significant achievements and actions accomplished by African-Americans in the city of Columbia and throughout South Carolina. This trunk uses material culture to discuss important South Carolinians and the push for equal rights in the 19th and 20th centuries. Activities include singing a Civil Rights era song, leadership development games, and learning about the South Carolina-based Briggs v. Elliott legal case.

Then & Now

Social Studies Standards: K-4.1, K-4.2

This trunk, designed for kindergarten students, focuses on differences and similarities between the past and present. Students will compare items used in the past to those used for similar purposes today, look through a stereoscope and participate in activities like creating "calling cards," playing dominoes, dressing up in historic clothes and more!