Archaeology at the Modjeska Monteith Simkins House | Missing Chapters

Founded in 2013, the Columbia Archaeology Program (CAP) is a city-wide archaeology project intended to learn more about citizens whose past was not documented within traditional, mainstream histories of the capital city. Archaeology offers insight into these people by studying the physical evidence they left behind. It allows us to understand the ways in which people made their own histories within the political-economic structures they inherited. Like some of today’s citizens, some people in the past had access to a wider range of opportunities than did their neighbors, most of whom never made it into the history books. The result: the majority of people who contributed most to the fundamental making of have been disappeared to the margins by those who could – and can – control the spotlight of history. The role of the CAP is to refocus the spotlight of history to illuminate the stories of those citizens whose past has been obscured in the shadows.