Archaeology at the Mann-Simons Site

Between 2005 and 2012, Dr. Jakob Crockett spearheaded an archaeological study of the Mann-Simons site in downtown Columbia, South Carolina. His efforts and those of other archaeologists and students working under his supervision resulted in the excavation of 2,200 square feet during four field seasons. Uncovered features and nearly 40,000 artifacts recovered representing all eras of the site’s occupation have been integral in learning more about the day-today lives of the Mann-Simons family from the 1840s to the 1970s.

Archaeologist Jakob Crockett explains the archaeology and history of the Mann-Simons site to a group of school children (below).

Image courtesy of Kim Cavanagh

Through this research a more dynamic interpretation of the site’s past has been achieved, and through archaeology Historic Columbia Foundation has learned how the inclusion of different academic disciplines in the stewardship of historic sites can yield more greater understanding of the people who have come before us and how their world and ours are connected.

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Dr. Crockett has written a book about his findings at the Mann-Simons Site. A PDF version can be found here or you can order a hard copy here.