Staff Spotlight - Shelby Harris

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Wednesday, April 1st 2020

Shelby Harris

While our doors remained closed, the work behind the scenes doesn’t end. Today, we continue our staff spotlight series by introducing you to another team member!


Shelby Harris


Rentals Coordinator

How long have your worked at HC?

Four months.

What projects are you working on during social distancing from the office?

Working from home, I am helping renters secure new dates for their postponed events and creating virtual tours of our historic venues so couples can keep their wedding planning on track.

Favorite part about working at HC:

Working with such supportive and inspiring women.

Why is history cool to you?

As an environmentalist, I think it's really important to have a sense of place and understand our relationship with nature. The history of our place plays a big role in that. Knowing where we come from and how we got here really shapes our relationship with our environment.

What’s your favorite period in history?

I'm a big music lover and nothing beats the Sunday scaries like Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald!