About HC

About HC

We are the stewards of Columbia’s past, present and future.

Historic Columbia is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Columbia and Richland County’s historic and cultural heritage. We’re well-known for managing several local historic properties as historic house museums, but many people aren’t aware that:

  • We offer daily house and garden tours, walking tours, and guided bus tours. Take a Tour
  • We rent out our historic houses and gardens for special events. Rent a Venue
  • We curate exhibits from local artifacts. See Collections
  • We host a full calendar of community events. View Calendar
  • We work closely with city and county officials to protect structures with historical significance and places that matter to our community. Preservation

Explore the unique history of our community, and help us preserve it for future generations to enjoy!


Historic Columbia supports and protects the historical and cultural heritage of Columbia and Richland County through advocacy, education and preservation.


Through historic preservation advocacy, innovative educational programs and strategic partnerships Historic Columbia will ensure that local history and heritage tourism are key elements in the quality of life in Columbia and Richland County.  

Pillars of HC


We advocate for the preservation of historic properties and artifacts in Columbia and Richland County.


We keep neighborhood history alive in the hearts and minds of today’s residents through tours, educational programs and special events.


We work with government agencies to secure our legacy for the future.

Historically Speaking

Three times a year, Historic Columbia publishes a newletter that details our preservation, education and advocacy efforts in Columbia and Richland County. 

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