Rental FAQs

Review our FAQs for any lingering questions before or after your tour!

Where can I find pricing information?

Please contact us to receive a quote specifically tailored to your event. We weigh factors such as your guest count, venue selection, and event type.

Do prices change depending on the day of week or season I wish to rent?

To keep things easy, our prices are consistent year-round. However, we do vary pricing based on your venue selection and the type of event you are planning to host.

Is there a security deposit? How do I get it back?

All rentals require a security deposit up to $500 in order to book. This is separate from your rental fee and is refundable if all venue rules were followed, no damages were incurred, and everything was cleaned up properly. All clean-up procedures are listed in the contract.

How long is the rental?

Rentals may be in any hour-long increment you wish, with a maximum of 12 hours (full day). We provide full day and hourly rates, so you can choose what works best for you. There is no minimum, but all set-up and clean-up activities must take place during your rented time. We do make exceptions for the installation of tents and other heavy equipment.

Do I have to use certain vendors?

We are proud to welcome all vendors to our locations for all services – we only ask that they are licensed and insured to be in business. 

What is included in my rental?

We provide tables and chairs for indoor use only, where indoor space is available. We will set these up and break them down for you outside of your rental time. We also provide a Rental Assistant for the entirety of your event. All other elements must be supplied by the renter.

What does the Rental Assistant do?

Rental Assistants represent the Rental Coordinator and are the on-site contact during your event. They open the property for you, answer general questions, remind you of rules and procedures, and close the property when your rental ends. They are not responsible for your set-up or clean-up and do not make decisions about your deposit refund.

Is the Rental Coordinator my Event Planner?

No, the Rental Coordinator is only the contact for venue needs and rules. You or a third-party event planner are responsible for gathering and coordinating all other elements. However, since the venue is often the first thing booked, the Rental Coordinator is happy to provide some “next step” suggestions! It’s a good idea to periodically review the venue contract to make sure everything you are planning abides by the rules.

Can I bring a pet to my event?

We are pet friendly in our outdoor spaces! We just ask that you clean up after your furry friend.

Do I need security for my event?

Security is only required for large events, as deemed necessary by the Rental Coordinator. For weddings and smaller events, security is suggested but not required. 

Are there any prohibited items at the venues?

Glitter, confetti, sparklers and spray string are not allowed on any property for any purpose. Open flames and/or sources of high heat may not be used in any interior space, due to the historic nature of our venues.

Is parking available?

There is ample street parking around our sites. When renting Robert Mills, there is a gravel lot that can accommodate approximately thirty cars. 

Can I tent the outdoor space?

All outdoor areas may be tented! Tents or other equipment may not be staked into the ground, however. The must be secured by weights.

Can we elope on your property?

Yes! Elopements are free Tuesday through Thursday 10:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. for outside use only. Elopements that want indoor access AND/OR are outside of those hours are required to book a 3 hour minimum at the regular rental rate.

Is there a way to know which plants will be blooming in the gardens during my event?

Yes! Please click here to view our garden database, where you can select the property you wish to rent. Then, under advanced options, you can select the Flower Time (season) and hit search!

How can I schedule a time to view the property?

Please schedule a tour with the Rental Coordinator in advance by contacting us. This way, we can make sure that your visit does not conflict with a previously scheduled event/meeting. If you have already booked the venue but need to revisit for planning purposes, please let the Rental Coordinator know in advance when you plan to stop by.