From the Desk of Palladium President Patrick Cleary 

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Wednesday, May 5th 2021

Patrick Cleary, Palladium President

As president of Palladium, I am very thankful for all of our members. Your membership helps Historic Columbia serve as the stewards of Columbia's past, present and future and provide opportunities for people to engage with the city’s history. 

In the past year, much of that engagement occurred online, and virtual programming will continue to be an important component of HC’s outreach in the months and years ahead. Your membership in Palladium allows HC to continue its transition to online and virtual educational programming for all of us in Columbia and beyond. Your financial support also gives HC the ability to develop Online Tours of Columbia neighborhoods. Robust online content allows HC to take Columbia’s story and reach even more people than before as the primary resource for our city’s local history.  

As you continue your support, we, as your Palladium Board, want to know how we can enhance the value of your membership. As a Palladium member, you receive discounts to HC events, free attendance at Renovation Rodeos – including the next one on May 25 – and advance notice of upcoming events at HC. But what else would keep you engaged as a Palladium member? Tell us what you would like to see Palladium do this year by reaching out to A Palladium board member will be in touch! 

One of the new opportunities started this year is our Home History Raffle for new and renewing members. I am very pleased to announce the winners of this quarter’s Palladium Home History Raffle are Corinne and John Morgan. They will receive a comprehensive history of their home – going back to the first owners of the house through the present. Palladium Board members have volunteered their time to create a one-of-a-kind story of the home owned by the Morgans. 

I also want to thank everyone who supported Historic Columbia during Midlands Gives. Historic Columbia received nearly $57,000 from 479 unique donors. This support is critical to HC’s ongoing operations during the year. Thank you again, and I look forward to discussing how we can help enhance the value of your membership.   

Patrick Cleary, President - Palladium

How to join Palladium? It’s just a $25 add-on to any new or renewing HC membership! If you’re already a member of Historic Columbia but would like to add a Palladium membership, please contact Charles Calhoun at