The Jubilee Sankofa Bird

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Thursday, September 20th 2018

2018 Jubilee Poster

We are incredibly excited to announce a special collaboration between the Jubilee: Festival of Black History & Culture and local Columbia artist Dogon Krigga to create a distinctive design for the 40th Anniversary of this important festival.

Dogon Krigga
Dogon Krigga

Dogon's artist statement

Dogon Krigga began making digital art with a distinct purpose. As a self-trained, lifelong creative born in Texas and raised in Columbia, SC, Dogon set out to provide unique and original designs for independent businesses and recording artists. Seeking an outlet to further express their ideas, Dogon launched their fine art career in 2012. The visionary aspect of their creations are an amalgamation of culture and esoteric reference through Afrofuturism, with digital and cut and paste collage as a medium. They transcribe the spiritual experience and transmute thought, feeling, and sound into an image that invokes a sense of wonder and reflection on Black people’s cosmic, aboriginal, and omni-dimensional nature.


Dogon's explanation of the Sankofa Bird2018 Jubilee Poster

“To go back and get it”. This idea of reaching back to our ancestors is the quintessential message that the Sankofa Bird brings us. As Black people move forward through time and evolve spiritually, culturally, socially, and politically, it is essential that we elevate and venerate our ancestors. To go back and get it means to maintain our traditions that exist outside of colonialism; to preserve the timeless wisdom that our foremothers and fathers gained in their lives and to carry that with us into the future.

Dogon created a beautifully distinctive version of the Sankofa Bird, a traditional African symbol, and developed it into a commemorative poster and t-shirt that will be on sale this Saturday at Jubilee. Supplies are limited, so get yours early, and don't forget to swing by Dogon's table where you can get it signed by the artist!