A Letter to my Friends Who Aren’t Palladium Members…Yet

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Monday, November 25th 2019


Dear friends,

As membership co-chair of Palladium, I am very often reminded of the sad truth – you just aren’t interested in joining a historical nonprofit organization. While this hurts my history-loving heart, I understand that you all can’t share my passion for learning about Columbia’s past and impacting its future.

I could try and change your mind by telling you how becoming a member directly impacts preservation and advocacy work in our beloved city, or how each membership helps create educational and entertaining historical programming for our community. But, I know these facts aren’t likely to win your hearts like they won mine. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, I’m going to give you a little something extra to be thankful for by letting you in on a few Palladium-member-only advantages that will have you clicking this link to join immediately.

Free Tickets to Renovation Rodeo Events

Who doesn’t love a good episode of Fixer Upper? As a Palladium member you get access to tour renovated homes live and in person. Most of the homes have been renovated while staying true to their historical roots. Hello exposed brick! Not to mention, during each home tour there is also a complimentary happy hour. A little beer and wine pairs perfectly with home redesign. Tickets to these events are $25 if you’re not a member, so after attending just three of these events, your membership is paid for.

Enjoy Discounted Tickets to Two Signature Events

Palladium hosts a fall and spring event each year. This year, the Fall Tour was an inside look into Mid-Century Modern homes in Columbia with an amazing after party at The Hangar. This spring, Palladium will host the famous Bluegrass, Bidding and BBQ event, complete with everything mentioned in the event name, and more, all at the Hampton Preston Mansion. Ya’ll, both of these events are a lot of FUN, and the only way to make them even better is with your attendance. Do yourself (and your FOMO) a favor and plan on attending.

 Meet and Mingle

As a member, there are tons of opportunities to socialize with other young professionals. Historic Columbia is also actively supported by the City of Columbia and Richland County, creating a lot of opportunity to get connected. As a Palladium member you can learn more about how our local government works to keep historic preservation alive and well in our city.  

Get Extra Perks

Members also receive exclusive members-only access to new exhibits and behind-the scenes tours of new restoration projects. My personal favorite was an inside look at the remodel of 1649 Main Street, the building that now holds Hendrix. If you have ever been to Hendrix with me, you have probably listened to me bestow all the knowledge I learned about the building during the behind-the-scenes tour.

Members also enjoy free admission to historic house museums, early access to ticketed events and 10 percent off at the Gift Shop, just in time for Christmas shopping.

I could continue sharing all of the reasons I love being a Palladium member, but the only way to really understand my love for this organization is to experience it for yourself. So what are you waiting for? Treat yourself or a loved one to a membership this holiday season and never miss out on all the Palladium fun!

With love,

PS: The next Renovation Rodeo is Dec. 12, and it will be an exclusive members-only event. I’d hate for you to miss out again.