Staff Spotlight - Betsy Kleinfelder

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Thursday, May 14th 2020

Betsy Kleinfelder

While our doors remained closed, the work behind the scenes doesn’t end. Today, we continue our staff spotlight series by introducing you to another team member!


Betsy Kleinfelder


Visitor and Interpretive Services Coordinator

How long have your worked at HC?

Five years.

What projects are you working on during social distancing from the office?

Updating the Volunteer Handbook, making edits to our tour materials, planning future volunteer outreach efforts, and filming video tours of the houses.

(Editor’s note: See Betsy’s video tours of Robert Mills here and Hampton-Preston here.)

Favorite part about working at HC:

Teaching people about local history, there is so much that people don't know and it is fulfilling to open their eyes to this information.

Why is history cool to you?

Because there is nothing new under the sun. Every time we go through something difficult or trying, we can look back on previous events where individuals and communities struggled too and learn from that. Sometimes we learn what not to do and other times it can make us appreciate what we have now that wasn't available before. Either way, it gives perspective to every situation and I find that incredibly helpful.

What’s your favorite period in history?

I'm originally from Philadelphia, so the Colonial and Revolutionary War will always be my favorite. You can't avoid it growing up in that area and it stuck with me!