Staff Spotlight - Grace Steimer

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Wednesday, March 25th 2020

Grace Steimer

While our doors are closed for now, our team remains hard at work. Over the next few weeks, we’re introducing you to members of our staff. It’s a behind-the-scenes look at who we are – and why we enjoy preserving Columbia’s history.  


Grace Steimer  


Curatorial Assistant  

How long have your worked at HC?

I started in August 2019.

What projects are you working on during social distancing from the office? 

I'm currently working on updating the room inventory binders, helping create some content for our collections highlights, and generally, just making sure the houses stay in good, clean condition during our shutdown. 

Favorite part about working at HC:

My favorite part about working at HC is the team I work with in the Cultural Resources department. 

Why is history cool to you?

History is cool to me because I think it's super important to understand where we came from and how we got to where we are now. 

What’s your favorite period in history?

My favorite period in history is the Renaissance period because of how art, architecture, science, literature, and other aspects of intellectual inquiry flourished.