Throwback Thursday: Reconnecting with Old Favorites in the Video Archives

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By: Andrew Ramspacher

Wednesday, May 27th 2020


With some extra time on our hands, we at Historic Columbia have been able to dig through the archives and connect with old friends.

So, on this Throwback Thursday, sit back and enjoy a few of our favorite videos that can still be found on HC’s YouTube page.

Hip Tags: A Columbia Symphony 

A time capsule from what is believed to be 1970s Columbia reveals some familiar scenes: Robert-Mills House, Hampton-Preston Mansion, Main Street, the Vista, and more! This video was made in partnership with the Jasper Project and features music from Columbia’s Dan Cook.

Mann-Simons Exhibit Videos: Henrie Monteith on Integrating USC 

A 2020 Columbia City of Women honoree, Henrie Monteith is interviewed here in July 1963 after being admitted to the University of South Carolina. A few months later, Monteith and two others – Robert Anderson and James Solomon – officially broke the university’s color barrier.

Evelyn Lifchez Siegel remembers House of Peace Rabbi David Karesh

Russian immigrant David Karesh arrived in Columbia in 1908 and to lead the newly-formed House of Peace congregation. He served as rabbi and later rabbi emeritus for over five decades. See more on Karesh by taking the Columbia Jewish Heritage Site tour.

Remembering Columbia by John Sherrer

John Sherrer, HC’s Director of Cultural Resources, published “Remembering Columbia” in 2015. Hear the author provide more details on his research that merged historic Columbia images with accounts of people, sites and events pulled from newspapers, diaries, and more.

Historic Eclipse in the Gardens

The total solar eclipse of August 2017 was captured by a drone as it set over historic houses in Columbia.

Historic Columbia 50th Anniversary Video

A comprehensive look at HC’s history through 2011!