Why Palladium - Brad Shell

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Friday, December 4th 2020

Brad Shell

What is your name?

Brad Shell

How long have you been involved with Palladium?

3 years.

Where are you originally from?

Winchester, VA

If you are not from Columbia, what drove you to this city?

My wife grew up here.

What is your current profession and the name of the organization in which you work?

Real Estate Development, Peach Properties

Tell us, in your own words, why you became a member of Palladium.

In the process of working on a historic renovation project at work, I was drawn to the stories the historic building in Columbia told, and as a result became invested in their preservation, as well as sharing this with the wider Columbia community.

What is your favorite part about Palladium membership?

The events your membership gives you the opportunity to experience.

Why is history cool to you?

As stated above in part, the stories the buildings tell about our history, and it causes me to reflect about how people lived and worked in the distant and not-so-distant past. History is so instructive, because in nearly every present circumstance, there is a moment from our history that is analogous, and can and should guide our response to the present.

What's your favorite moment in history and/or a historical figure that inspires you?

Jackie Robinson, the man who broke baseball's color barrier.

What is your favorite building in Columbia?

The Arcade Building

What is the most inspirational program to you, that Historic Columbia is focused on?

I've really enjoyed the Renovation Rodeos, each one feels like stepping in to a small museum from that time period.