Why Palladium - Parrish Behles

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Sunday, August 1st 2021

Parrish Behles
Each month, Historic Columbia introduces one of its Palladium members. This series is designed to highlight individuals from HC’s dynamic group of diverse professionals.

Meet Parrish Behles

How long have you been involved with Palladium?

Four years

Where are you originally from?

Lexington, South Carolina

If you are not from Columbia, what drove you to this city?

College. Go Gamecocks!

What is your current profession and the name of the organization in which you work?

Project Manager, Colonial Life Insurance Co

Tell us, in your own words, why you became a member of Palladium.

I enjoy history and wanted to get involved with the historical community.

What is your favorite part about Palladium membership?

Bluegrass Bidding & BBQ fundraising event

Why is history cool to you?

History is cool because you can learn about people, historical events, stories, places and all of their successes and failures. We can analyze the past and shape our future.

What's your favorite moment in history and/or a historical figure that inspires you?

I really enjoy US history, specifically the Revolutionary War and the events leading up to it.

What is your favorite building in Columbia?

The Babcock Building. Hopefully it can be rebuilt!

What is the most inspirational program to you that Historic Columbia is focused on?

Preservation of historical buildings