Historic Property Research & Consultation

We are here to guide you through the journey of uncovering, documenting, and celebrating the rich history behind your historic property. With expert knowledge and personalized assistance, we help bring to light the stories that make your landmark unique. We offer:

Historical Research & Documentation

  • Discover the origins, evolution, and significance of your property through in-depth research.
  • Create a comprehensive property history with details such as original ownership, architectural style, and cultural relevance. 
  • Access and interpret historic documents, maps, photographs, and public records that reveal your property’s untold story.

Consultation Services

  • Restoration Guidance: Receive tailored advice on restoring your property while adhering to best preservation practices. 
  • Designation Support: Learn how to navigate the process of getting your property listed on the National Register of Historic Places or as a local historic landmark
  • Tax Incentives & Grants: Find out how you can benefit from tax credits, grants, and other financial incentives to preserve your historic property.