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Dawn Mills Campbell

Dawn enjoying the festivities at last year's Jubilee.

Jubilee: Festival of Black History and Culture

By: Dawn Mills Campbell

Tuesday, September 17th 2019

Dawn enjoying the festivities at last year's Jubilee. What’s not to love about Columbia? After all, it is a real southern hot spot. But when one of the largest, continuously running outdoor festivals is hosted in a real southern hot spot, everyone is in for a treat. I’m talking about...


A World-Class Museum of Reconstruction

By: Dawn Mills Campbell

Thursday, July 13th 2017

Historic Columbia and Richland County have a long-standing partnership in preserving some of the Midlands most significant historic assets, including the Woodrow Wilson Family Home. Today, this site serves as the home to A Museum of Reconstruction and explores the racial, social and political landscape of Columbia and Richland County...