1970s Columbia

Found Footage Project Provides Glimpse Into 1970s Columbia

Discovered by an intern at the University of South Carolina Libraries’ Moving Image Research Collections (MIRC), ‘Hip Tags’ is an intriguing orphan film mystery with 1970s Columbia, SC as its main character. Without any provenance and defying description, this hypnotic film was passed from MIRC to Historic Columbia where staff...

Becky & Matt at Seibels House

Becky & Matt at Seibels House

Becky and Matt said “Yes!” to forever on November 10, 2018. While their ceremony was scheduled elsewhere, they prepared for the big day with their wedding party at the Seibels House . Hairstyles by Lauren gave Becky an elegant updo, while Casie B. provided stunningly classic makeup services. Holly Graciano...

Restoration at Modjeska Monteith Simkins House

Restore, Don't Replace Your Old Windows

By: Lois Carlisle, Executive Assistant

Historic windows are both lenses and frames. These vital architectural features can define the character of whole neighborhoods and help us see our community in a whole new light. Newly restored window at the Kensington Mansion Often, damage to historic windows is superficial—someone painted them shut, the sash sags, they’re...

Press Conference at Zion Baptist Church

James Clyburn Announces New Reconstruction Era Network

By: Robin Waites, Executive Director

I am excited to be here today in support of the Reconstruction Era National Historical Park Act bill. With the goals of creating a Reconstruction Network that will enhance collaboration across SC, the region and the country. In 2008, our organization began the process of rehabilitating a home that was...

Motel Simbeth postcard

#TBT: Motel Simbeth + Cornwell Tourist Home

By: Lois Carlisle, Executive Assistant

We’ve talked about the Green Book before in this series , but here’s a refresher: As automobile travel grew increasingly popular from the 1930s through the 1960s , African Americans found themselves faced with what historian Gretchen Sorin called “an uncertain landscape,” much of which was “composed of white spaces...

Modjeska Simkins on her porch

#TBT: Who is Modjeska Monteith Simkins?

By: Lois Carlisle, Executive Assistant

For more than sixty years, Modjeska Monteith Simkins used the wooden cottage at the corner of Elmwood and Marion St. as both a home and a headquarters. Known as the “matriarch of Civil Rights activists” in S.C., Modjeska Monteith Simkins led the charge for equality tirelessly her entire adult life...

Motel Simbeth matchbooks

Searching for Motel Simbeth

By: Katharine Allen, Research & Archives Manager

On 20 October 1955, Jet , a national weekly digest with a primarily black audience, published the expose “ SOUTH CAROLINA’S PLOT TO STARVE NEGROES .” The six-page piece described efforts by White Citizens Councils in Clarendon and Orangeburg counties to create an “economic squeeze” on black community members. The...

Simkins at Home

Modjeska Monteith Simkins: An Advocate for the People

By: Katharine Allen, Research & Archives Manager

Modjeska Monteith Simkins was born in Columbia, S.C. on December 5, 1899, into a society that legally dispossessed women and people of color of their civil liberties. Over the course of her 92 years, she displayed a courage and perseverance that many argue was unmatched. Today, Simkins is rightfully lauded...

Ashley & Corey

Ashley & Corey at Robert Mills

Corey and Ashley traveled all the way from The Empire State to become man and wife at the alluring Robert Mills House and Gardens on the evening of October 6, 2018. Surrounded by friends and family, the stunning bride got ready for her big day in the Robert Mills West...

Savannah & Grayson 1

Savannah & Grayson at Seibels House

Hands clapped and tails wagged for these down-to-earth newlyweds. The sweet couple, Grayson and Savannah, tied the knot in an intimate wedding ceremony at the Seibels House & Garden on November 3, 2018 with all of their loved ones. The couple’s precious dog, Sulley, also got to join in on...