Gardens of the Hampton-Preston Mansion

Gardens of the Hampton-Preston Mansion

Spring 2017 Garden Rehabilitation

The Gardens of the Hampton-Preston Mansion are undergoing a capital improvements project to restore the gardens to a more accurate representation of what they would have looked like in the site's horticultural "golden age" (1840s-60s). During this project, the property will not be available to rent. By the spring of 2018, we expect to reopen the new and improved gardens for rentals. 


This house was built in 1818 by Ainsley Hall, a wealthy Columbia merchant, and his wife Sarah. They sold the house in 1823 to Wade Hampton I, who updated the Federal-style home to Greek Revival. The house passed through the Hampton and Preston families, who were forced to sell the estate after the Civil War. The house & grounds were used as headquarters for the Union Army in February 1865. The property survived destruction thanks to Sister Bapista Lynch who implored Sherman to spare the house for use as a temporary convent. Later, the estate accommodated several institutions including the College for Women, Chicora College, Westerveldt Academy and Columbia Bible College. In 1947, the gardens were bulldozed and the four acre tract was subdivided for commercial use. Following a yearlong rehabilitation, the historic mansion reopened in 1970.

Magnolias and towering trees over fountains and garden pathways provide an extensive 4 acres of outdoor garden space, set with the backdrop of the one of Columbia's most renowned mansions.

Please note: the house is a museum and is not available to rent. 


4 acres of garden space, including expansive back lawn

Children's Garden and Hiram Powers Fountain Garden 

Unique garden gazebo




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