Isa Mandell

Your Membership Matters

My family moved to Columbia when my father got offered a job as a professor at the University of South Carolina. I was born within the year, the youngest of four children. We traveled a great deal during my childhood and adolescence. My undergraduate degree was from the University of...

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Skidmore wedding

Ashlin & Matt at Seibels House

Ashlin Reese and Matt Skidmore tied the knot at the beautiful Seibels House & Garden on March 23, 2018. When close friends and family arrived at this intimate celebration, they were encouraged to sign a Jenga block, in lieu of a traditional guest book. The smell of fresh lavender and...

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HP Press Conference

Hampton-Preston Reopens

By: Robin Waites, Executive Director

At Historic Columbia, we have the great responsibility of being the stewards of the unique Richland County-owned site that is Hampton-Preston. Since reopening the Woodrow Wilson Family Home in 2014, our organization has shown an unwavering commitment to tell a more complete and inclusive history at all the sites that...

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2018 Preservation Awards

2018 Preservation Award Winners

We're excited to announce the recipients of our 2018 Preservation Awards . Each May, in conjunction with National Preservation Month, we present these awards to celebrate the accomplishments of local property owners; professionals in the fields of architecture, construction and design; and leaders who champion preservation as an opportunity to...

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2018 Preservation Awards

Past Preservation Award Winners

We hold an annual Preservation Awards Luncheon each year to celebrate the accomplishments of local architectural, construction and rehabilitation projects and leaders. The awards recognize local projects that have maintained or added to the historical, architectural and cultural heritage throughout Columbia and Richland County in the following categories. In addition,...

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Cox Wedding

Ansley & Russell at Seibels House

We’re nothing if not a little whimsical here at Historic Columbia. There’s a soft spot in our hearts for a classic tale of action and adventure—which is why we’re so excited to share Ansley and Russell’s wedding reception with you. The couple were married just down the street at First...

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Reconstruction Symposium

Reconstruction's Legacy

By: Mary-Kathryn Craft

The Palmetto State’s historical connections to the 14th Amendment don’t often garner lots of attention. Harvard Law professor Randall Kennedy , a Columbia native who is one of the nation’s top experts on civil rights and civil liberties, plans to change that in his keynote address at the upcoming symposium...

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gervais and assembly

The Congaree Vista: Then, Now and Tomorrow

The words view, landscape and outlook are among the many meanings of the word Vista. Throughout its diverse history Columbia’s Congaree Vista has embodied all of these definitions. The district continues to do so today, though the interpretations of those meanings have changed over time to reflect the transformation that...

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seibels 1900

The Slave Dwelling Project Visits Historic Columbia Site

On Thursday, April 5, 2012, Joseph McGill, a field officer with the National Trust for Historic Preservation and a Civil War 54th Regiment re-enactor, offered an unprecedented program for Historic Columbia Foundation. In an effort to heighten awareness in and support of preserving sites associated with slavery McGill spent the...

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Hampton Family Domestic Servants

Including Voices Long-Unheard

By: John Sherrer, Director of Cultural Resources

Imagine having a story to share with others but being unable to do so. Perhaps, no one wanted to hear what you had to say—even if your contribution would make everyone’s experience more meaningful. Maybe your voice was muted intentionally; maybe it was quieted, or silenced altogether, through circumstances, including...

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